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About Yoram Gil
Gallery Yoram Gil is the online expression of my passion for Art, artists and their craft.

My route to becoming a private dealer was not by accident. It was fueled by years of working within the art world first as an artist and custom framer, then as a gallery owner. My first real foray into the business of art was with The Gillery. This custom framing business gradually morphed into a space for young Israeli artists to show their works as well as a place where Victorian watercolors were introduced into Israel systematically for the first time.

As a former watercolorist and miniaturist (I was officially inducted as an associate member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers in 1976), I believe this is why I might better understand the pain and joy of the creative process and the dedication it takes to be an artist

Via The Gillery, I learned how to guide artists through the various aspects of their chosen trade, its secrets and pitfalls. This invaluable experience stood me in good stead ever since. I was also "schooled" in international trade, regulations and finances – all topics crucial to the success of a gallery. The knowledge I gained along the way is the very same knowledge I share with artists and art-buying clients today.

In 1985 I moved The Gillery Inc. to the U.S. While I still loved making art it took a back seat as I focused all of my resources, time and creative forces to helping other artists get exposure and expand their careers- especially Israeli artists though I welcomed all. Over time I gained more and more "American market experience" as I cooperated with other local and national dealers. More >>

By 1997, I had an international roster and which I introduced at galerie yoramgil first in Beverly Hills and we moved to West Hollywood where we stayed through 2006 . At that time it became obvious to me that our industry is changing in an exponential pace and moving on line was inevitable. I decided to close. I became a private dealer and a career coach to business colleagues and artists and at the same time I readied myself for the next generation of art dealing. I foresaw our industry morphing and decided to be the spearhead of this inevitable change. While thinking, developing and reinventing myself, a bigger business idea was born- a platform for other dealers to transfer their business online. I named it YorWall and GYG its first subscriber and is running on it as you are enjoying visiting with us here.

My core belief in the human relationship between buyers and sellers of art( dealers, artists or even auction houses) guided me to reinvent the online art buying and selling experience based on my principles and beliefs. I invented software and tools that replicated the past real life experience and enabled its happening online. I think I have achieved the ability to offer online what's best for the artist and the buyer- same as I always aspired to in my real life galleries. It was my desire to create a unique online experience that gave birth to Gallery Yoram Gil.

Portrait of Yoram Gil
Miniature by Yoram Gil, On the way to Jerusalem, Watercolor on paper, 1.5

Miniature by Yoram Gil, On the way to Jerusalem, Watercolor on paper, 1.5"x1.25"

Miniature by Yoram Gil, Ancient Olive Trees, Watercolors on paper, 1.25

Miniature by YoramGil, Ancient Olive Trees, Watercolors on paper, 1.25"x1.5"

Miniature by Yoram Gil, Looking at Mt. Tabor from afar, Watercolors on paper, 1.85

Miniature by Yoram Gil, Looking at Mt. Tabor from afar, Watercolors on paper, 1.85"x0.85"

Mission Statement

Since the opening of my galerie yoramgil in Israel in 1978, I have been passionate about identifying new talent, bringing that talent in and giving them exposure alongside established artists.

I brought this philosophy with me when I came to the United States. With it I opened a window of opportunity for artists not only from Israel but from USA and Latin America as well.

This strategy brought an international flavor to galerie yoramgil and to my participation in the art fair circuit both in the US and abroad.

I guess the word about my passion for new talent got out and whenever I came across a truly exceptional local talent - like Carol Sears (who joined me about 18 months ago) - I'd invite them to join my gallery. I applied the same concept I used with mid-career and established artists to promoting their work both locally and internationally. Learn >>

Today apart from being physically available (by appointment) in LA, galerieyoramgil2online.com is also the first art gallery at your disposal live online around the clock and around the world.

You can explore it on your own, join a live session together with other collectors and art lovers. Or at any time you can request a private, in-person appointment with me live online at your convenience and from wherever you are, using your own computing device.

Over the past five years I have developed innovative tools that enable you to view art and discuss it live from your home (or wherever you are, for that matter) as long as you have a fast internet connection. And that is only the beginning.

Recently I completed the development of the most exciting feature, one unlike anything you have seen. I can now "install" any artworks you select on your own walls virtually via the internet. All while we are together online viewing it, moving it to scale and placing it exactly where it fits best to your liking. It is hard to describe how it works - you have to see it to believe and understand it.

With my Gallery Yoram Gil I am ushering in the future - the next generation of art dealing. With the tools I invented and built, I am able to keep the "good old ways we did business" even though it's via cyberspace. I am able to maintain and expand what I believe is the core of our business - my personal relationship with my clients and artists. I think I have come up with a way to bring back the human touch and relationship to the new high-tech age.

Oddly, I believe that I can use internet tools to repair the damage the internet caused. Once again, if you wish, you can forge and maintain your own personal relationship with your favorite dealer, or for that matter, with anyone and any dealer around the globe.