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Gallery in Your Home
Gallery Yoram Gil offers "virtual" online interaction replicating every possible aspect of the former real-life gallery, including personal touch. Public and private online sessions are offered. Your beloved art piece can be in your hands without leaving your home.
Join a free "live" online session

Click to register for a "seat" on a live online session with multiple participants - fellow art lovers and collectors. It is free but requires advance registration.

You'll be able to meet and converse with your favorite artists, experts and dealers. You'll be able to discuss art with all the participants and you'll get behind the scenes of where and how the art is created.

Click and go to the schedule page, chose your session and simply register. You will get an invitation via email with simple instructions on how to join. No downloads and no special knowledge or skills are required. It is simple and fun as long as you have a fast internet connection and you are registered.

Request a private session

With global exposure I am available to meet you in private online 24/7. Use the form to tell me what you would like to discuss and I will arrange to meet you live online ASAP at your convenience.